15 Best St Patrick’s Day Feast Ideas

Nowadays, we are so busy in our lives that we don’t even have the time to go out and celebrate. But, there is nothing to worry about. You can enjoy holidays at home with your family. Put on a good Irish movie, or have a good laugh about the memories together and get prepare some tasty Irish-inspired St. Patrick’s Day food. If you are having gatherings, then you need bulk meat from a  reliable store.

Check out our 15 Best St Patrick’s Day Feast Ideas:

  1. Mustard-Glazed Cabbage and Beef: Obviously, the traditional go-to dish is corned beef along with cabbage. Although it takes some time to cook, the outcome is so tender and delicious that it is worthwhile.
  2. Baked Corn Meat and Cabbage Hash: Want to change up the classic meal for something a little easier? Mix all the constituents into a scrumptious casserole!
  3. Guinness Meat Stew: A traditional Irish stew will not only be an exquisite choice for St Patrick’s Day, but it’s comforting too.
  4. Leprechaun Chow: This sweet treat with white chocolate and cereal is a great snack for kids and grandkids.
  5. Green Velvet Silver Dollar Pancakes: Drizzled with a rich and sweet cream cheese topping, this hearty breakfast is the perfect way to kickstart a day of festivities.
  6. Irish Beef Stew: Make a flavourful broth for a beef stew with red wine; it tastes fantastic.
  7. Guinness Pot Pie with Beer Bread Biscuits: Now, this is the St. Patrick’s Day meal everyone needs! Load up on hearty buttery beer biscuits with beef before taking part in your St. Patrick’s Day fun.
  8. Slow Cooked Cabbage and beef Sliders: This feast is perfect for St. Patrick’s Day. You can get the beef from the best butcher so there is no compromise in the quality and freshness.
  9. Instant Pot Irish Cheddar Bacon Mac and Cheese: Sautéed Brussels sprouts and Irish Cheddar makes this dish one of the tastiest feasts.
  10. Irish Brown Bread: You will appreciate this healthy and delicious spin on traditional Irish bread.
  11. Irish Cream Whoopie Pies: Whoopi Pies are one of the most lickable desserts for young and old. It is made of Bailey’s Irish Cream sandwiched between two chocolate cookies.
  12. Rainbow Cupcakes: These cupcakes are not at all difficult to make. You just need different gel colours for the frosting to make your cupcakes look like real rainbows.
  13. Irish Nachos: Enjoy these nachos with sour cream, bacon, cheese, and thick potato rounds.
  14. Bacon and Potato Quiche: Try making this simple potato and bacon quiche for a tasty St. Patrick’s Day brunch.
  15. Shepherd’s Pie Potato Bowls: Don’t get confused by the name. If you are thinking that these are just twice-baked potatoes, then you are wrong. The golden mashed potato top is a rich beef and vegetable filling spooned over edible potato bowls.

Bottom Line:

Once you’re finished with dinner, there are lots of sweet delicacies to fill you up, regardless of whether it’s velvet cheesecake, cupcakes, or Irish cream whoopie pies. You can get the meat delivery at your doorstep – fast and easy.