Anzac Day Goodies – Cooking for the Family

We celebrate Anzac Day very April 25th to give honour to those Australians and New Zealanders who died in 1915, during WW1 in Gallipoli. The Gallipoli lasts for 8 months, and more than 8,700 Australian soldiers and 2,700 New Zeeland soldiers have lost their lives during this war. So, after WW2 up to today, Anzac Day also serves as a memorial day for those fallen soldiers and for the contributions that the two countries have made in fighting wars and operations in keeping the peace.

As part of your Anzac Day celebration this year, consider butcher home delivery near me when buying your meat products and cooking traditional foods for this holiday.

How Do Other Countries Celebrate Anzac Day?

Besides the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Australia, many other nations celebrate Anzac Day, including the United States, Germany, Egypt, Israel, Poland, France, Belgium, Brunei, Ireland, Canada, the Cook Islands, Papua New Guinea, Thailand, Singapore, Pitcairn Islands, Samoa, Niue, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malta, Cyprus, Kiribati, Antarctica, and Tonga.

People use many things to symbolize Anzac Day, such as using poppies, either to wear or to lay wreaths on Remembrance Sunday. In the UK, there are memorial services to mark the day. Wearing rosemary is another traditional way to remember Anzac Day. You pin a sprig of the flowers to your breasts or coat lapel. Some people use medals to hold the rosemary in place. The fact that rosemary grows on the Gallipoli Peninsula wild, it made an impact on the Australians.

Over the years, countries celebrate Anzac Day by holding huge marches and rock concerts.

Cooking for the Family

The classic lamb roast is the ideal dish to eat on Anzac Day. For a long time, the lamb roast is one of the symbols of Australian cuisine. If you want to try a new recipe using lamb for Anzac Day, get your meat from the best butcher in your area to ensure you get high-quality lamb. Follow the steps below when you plan to cook roasted lamb. It is a recipe for slow-roasted lamb, which enables you to attend a service in the morning and be away without worrying. When you get home, the meat will reach its tender best.

Slow-Roasted Lamb Shoulder



1 lamb shoulder roast, on the bone

1 garlic

1 tbs olive oil

1 bunch rosemary



500ml Massel* Chicken Style Liquid Stock

1/2 bunch mint chopped

2 tbs red wine vinegar

2 tbs capers chopped

1 tbs plain flour



1 large roasting pan



Preheat your oven to 150C. Start with putting half of the rosemary and half of the cloves of garlic in the base of your roasting tray. Next place the lamb shoulder from the butcher delivery near me on the tray. If you have the rolled one, unroll it and lay it on top. After that, put the remaining rosemary and garlic, and cover the shoulder with olive oil. Use a foil to cover the tray and leave it in the oven for 4-5 hours. Leave it to rest for a few minutes before serving.

For the gravy: On medium heat, put the roasting tray on top of the hob. Add chicken stock and flour, and allow it to boil. When it thickens, pour in 2 tablespoons of juices from the shoulder roasting pan, red wine vinegar, capers, and mint.

Serve lamb and gravy.

Anzac day is the celebration of the bravery and courage of Australian and NZ soldiers in the First World War. After doing your part to honors the memory of these soldiers, complete the day with a feast in your house with family and friends.