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The Pattemores Difference

The meat you buy from Pattemores Meats is not only a piece of meat but a whole experience of taste, quality, and deliciousness. It is brought from the finest products and years of experience. Pattemores Meats is always looking forward to making your experience better and more refined. We believe in nothing but to sell […]

Welcome to Pattemores Meats

Amid several health benefits of meat, a large number of people have been consuming the product. It has emerged as an indispensable food item for several food lovers. If you crave for healthy meat and looking for a reliable online source from where you may procure it, you can trust Pattemores Meats. For bulk meat […]

Lamb Meat: What Are The Benefits?

Lamb meat is the meat of a young sheep. It is also a type of red meat which is meat that has a higher content of echelons and myoglobin. This is a protein found in the muscle tissues of animals. As soon as it is in contact with oxygen, the meat turns red. For such […]

4 Meat Buying Tips – How to Buy Meat Online?

Advanced technology has changed the way we live. It has influenced the way things are done in such a way that we, only a few years back, could not have predicted. Not only in the area of shopping but also in the way we access grocery items, and food production, and delivery, technologies have created […]

Are You Christmas Ready?

With Christmas bells ringing around every corner, we’re all busy with the preparations, cleaning being one of the most tiring and backbreaking tasks. The next task is the f cooking. Right from ordering bulk meat Brisbane to preparing Christmas cookies, pudding, savouries, and the grand Christmas dinner, it takes a lot to plan out a Christmas dinner. […]

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