Best Christmas Turkey’s in Brisbane

The Best Christmas Turkey’s In Town

Who doesn’t love Christmas? The time of year where you can eat delicious food, drink eggnog and enjoy the company of your friends!

One of the greatest joys of Christmas is the holiday spirit of togetherness and goodwill. Nothing embodies this more than a family meal shared with loved ones at home, like a traditional turkey dinner! A 4kg bird will feed approximately 8-10 people comfortably and even fill up the hungriest grandchildren.

Pattemores Meats have a great range for this festive season, including turkeys perfect for Christmas Day. You can order any kind of meat with us and – around this time – especially turkeys online.

We are your Santa Clause this year.

With us, you can easily order turkey online and get it delivered right to your doorstep, so you don’t have to go on the hunt for finding one by yourself.

We provide the best turkeys in Brisbane and its local areas. Better yet, we guarantee you quality of the freshest meat you can use to make Christmas dinner unforgettable – for the big foodies out there.

The Pattemore family knows how important it is for people like us who want fresh meats without hidden dangers! Our animals are raised with love, not in a factory-like farm where they’re crammed together like sardines and fed antibiotics daily just to keep them alive for slaughter!

The variety of quality meats we offer in our shop is sourced from the finest farmers around Brisbane. Our meat isn’t only a piece of meat; it’s an experience for all five senses.

We provide only the best turkeys in Brisbane for the long-awaited Christmas season.

Turkeys are a delicious hero item to add to your Christmas menu. Our team members are always happy to give you advice on any dishes that will go perfectly with your Christmas turkey. Place an order from our website or the Pattemore shop to get your Christmas festivities sorted early.

To ensure that your Christmas dinner goes off without a hitch, the Pattemore team will be happy to advise you on how you can best use our delicious festive meats. Whether it’s for roasting or stuffing – we have recipes and suggestions in store!

When ordering turkeys, a good rule of thumb is using one pound per adult guest that’s going to eat it. That way, you don’t have leftovers sitting in the fridge long-term after everyone has finished eating their fill on Turkey Day! So, make sure you get the right amount when ordering your turkey online with us.

Order your Christmas turkey with us

Brisbane’s turkey lovers are in for a treat this Christmas. We provide the best turkeys with top- notch meat and guarantee you an unforgettable dinner that will delight even your pickiest family members! Order your turkey online today to get any size turkey delivered right to your door or stop by our store if we happen to be conveniently located near you.

We know it’s hard to choose with so many options out there, but when you’re looking for the ultimate turkey experience during this festive season, don’t settle on anything less than what is   truly authentic. Be sure and order a turkey from Pattemore Meats.

We recommend you place your arrangement as early as possible and order your Christmas turkey in advance, as we only have a limited number of free-range birds available.

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