How to Cook the Perfect Steak!

A delicious steak Sunday brunch can never go wrong. Be it with your family or a small gathering of friends, everyone loves a perfectly cooked steak. But you need that one go-to recipe along with a few tips and tricks to follow each time you are planning to cook the perfect steak. We will cover all those tricks for you so that every time you cook steak, it comes out the way you like. And next time when you are thinking to steak, place an order online to get fast butcher home delivery service in Brisbane.

What do You Need?

You need the following to cook a perfect steak:

  • Thick cut steak: A good steak will never have a thickness that exceeds 2.5cm. Steak needs to be cooked from outside as well as inside. Raw or undone steak is always a bad option to serve disappointed guests, and it leaves a bad impression of your cooking skills.
  • Ideal steaks: You can go for boneless ribeye or some scotch fillet. A porterhouse is also a good option for a fancy party. New York and T-bone are equally great.
  • Grade: Always opt for high-quality meat. Steaks are not something one eats every day. So when planning to make it, go for top quality cuts. Nowadays, you can even get meat delivery at home easily in almost every area.

Tips You Need to Follow

These tips will help you cook a perfect steak:

  • Room temperature: Whenever you are cooking something, it is very important to keep the ingredients at room temperature unless the recipe states otherwise. Room temperature meat will ensure that it is cooked thoroughly. The inside needs to be juicy and tender. This can only be achieved if you have a properly cooked steak.
  • Pat dry: We all love that amazing crust on steak, and it is due to good seasoning. Put a generous amount of salt and pepper on the meat and coat it properly. This will help the meat to form a tasty crust.
  • Heat the skillet: Steaks can be grilled in a skillet. You can try different pans, but each will give a different result. A skillet gives steak that nice smoky flavour. Make sure the skillet is smoking hot before you put your steak in it.
  • Internal temperature: When cooking steak, look online for an internal temperature chart. Note that when you take your steak off the stove, the internal temperature of the steak will continue to rise. Hence, to get to the perfect temperature, you need to take the off promptly.
  • Resting: Before serving, make sure you rest your steak for at least 5-10 minutes so it can absorb all the juices and the fibres can relax. It makes the meat very tender as you cut through it, with a moist and juicy centre. For the best butcher in Brisbane, visit our website and order online.