Pattemore’s History

  • 1855 – 1870

    The Family ’s Proud Histoy

    John Robert Pattemore arrived in Australia from Somersetshire, England with his family in 1855. When he grew up, John Robert met another demand of the day, venturing into the butchering field in the 1870’s at nearby central Tilba.

  • 1920

    Alstonville to Inglewood

    John Robert’s son, Albert Aaron Pattemore followed in the trade, establishing a business at Alstonville. In the 1920’s, Albert Aaron introduced Pattemore’s Butchering to the Sunshine State where he set up a business at Inglewood, West of Warwick.

    Albert’s sons, Wally and Ken, subsequently followed in their father and grandfather’s footsteps, having gained experience in the Inglewood business.


  • 1946

    Bribie Island

    Wally and Dulcie were given the chance to lease a butcher shop on Bribie Island in 1946. Wally made a success of the Bribie shop. Dulcie and the family arrived three months later, renting a house next to the butcher shop.

  • 1950

    Big Smoke

    In 1950, Wally and Dulcie decided it was time to move to the city. Wally and Dulcie purchased a butcher shop in Elmes Road, Rocklea in partnership with Ken and Joan Pattemore. Ken and Wally later sold the Elmes Road shop and Ken then went on to open a shop in Hale Street, Milton.

    Wally also opened a new shop on the corner of Mortimer Road and Foote Street Acacia Ridge. This was where his son, Bill, started his butchering career. Reg also started work in the Acacia Ridge shop and went on to do his Apprenticeship with Lex Derwood at Archerfield.


  • 1962

    From Big Smoke to Big Expansion

    Wally went on to open a new shop up at Moorooka. By 1962 Wally, Reg and Bill had shops at Acacia Ridge, Moorooka, Holland Park West and Mt Gravatt Tram Terminus, Brisbane Market — Retail Section and Brisbane Market — Bulk Meats.

  • 1970’s

    Garden City

    In 1970 — the next big venture for the Pattemore butchers was the establishment of a store in the Garden City Shopping Centre. Garden City went on to become a great success. The Garden City Pattemore’s store survived on quality lot fed beef.

    In 1973, their next venture was to lease the Tickles Warehouse at the Rocklea Markets. They ended up converting it into the largest Bulk Meat store in Queensland by combining a Butcher shop and Delicatessan supermarket which employed 30 staff.

    By 1976, Reg, Bill and Dulcie made plans to build a new bulk meat supermarket at the Big Gun at Underwood which was to become Queensland’s biggest. After completion of the big gun store, Bill and Reg decided it was time to split the company.


  • 1990’s

    Alexandra Hills

    Bill had two sons to follow in his footsteps in the butchering field, Dwane and Tony Reg also had two sons, Daryl and Ashley and Bill took over the Big Gun store.

    Reg went on to sell both the Rocklea Markets and Garden City Shopping Centre stores He, his wife Judith, and son Daryl continued trading from his Alexandra Hills premises.

    Daryl was managing the store at the Rocklea Markets for his family before becoming a partner in the family business at their Alexandra Hills store in 1992.

  • 2000’s

    Daryl has diversified the stores range of Gourmet pies on the menu products by including various pan-ready dishes, gourmet pies and fresh prawns.

    The Pattemore’s belief has always been that, if you sell a good product, the customers will keep coming back. Because of their strong family bond and commitment, the Pattemore team won the State Sausage King title in 2003 and went on to win the National Crown with their traditional pork sausage recipe.

    The shop produces thirteen different varieties of sausages each week. The demand for the sausages sees them offsetting more than 1000kg per week.

    Again in 2006, the shop reclaimed its State and National Crown after it took out two wins in the sausage king southern metropolitan competition conducted by the Australian Meat Industry Council.

    The shop won the best 100 per cent pork category with its traditional and award-winning recipe and picked up third place with another recipe. It also won best gourmet sausage with its rosemary and garlic recipe.

    With the developing technology, the shop has also installed a computer system that supplies customers with information on delicious recipes. It displays how much of what meat is required for any chosen recipe.

    The shop is continuing its success to the present day. What lies down the track? — well, with their latest Award-The prestigious 2018 BEST ham In Australia Award now under their belt and Daryl’s sons involving themselves in the butchering trade, the sky is the limit.


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