The Do’s and Don’ts of a Weekend BBQ

Whether it’s the winter or summer season, a backyard BBQ is always fun. People are tempted to eat outdoors, and many  make full use of every bit of the hot weather. We love standing on the patio, after buying bulk meat to turn into kebabs to join the sausages, chicken, or beef burgers on the grill. Vegetarians can opt for halloumi, while vegan options include grilled aubergine, cauliflower steaks, and tofu. Check out our Do’s and Don’ts for a weekend BBQ:

Weekend BBQ – The Do’s

  1. Set up zones of varying heat: When using a charcoal grill, bank the coals on one side, so they slope downward toward the center. One part of the grill will very hot (“direct heat” cooking), and the other will be perfect for slower cooking (“indirect heat” cooking).
  2. Be conscious of safety: Keep in mind that you’re literally having fun with fire. Set up your grill in an airy open space, keep a fire extinguisher close at hand, and watch out for the kids.
  3. Prep the grate: Grilling pro-Steven Raichlen’s rule is, keep the BBQ grate oiled and hot. Keep it clean to avoid food sticking. Use a firm wire brush to scrape your grill before and after cooking. A cloth with some vegetable oil can be run over the grate held with tongs.
  4. Bring on the special seasoning: Grilled meats should stand up to bold tastes, so be generous with the sodium, load on the garlic, and amp up the chili powder. Don’t forget to squeeze that fresh lemon. Try spiced mint sauce for lamb and the popular Cherry Cola glaze over for ribs and to make a spicy-sweet brine for chicken. Contact the best butcher to get great quality meat in Brisbane.

Weekend BBQ – The Don’ts

  1. Squirt water on flare-ups:Aerosol water bottles stir ash upward, and it is not a desirable topping over your lamb chops. As you may get flare-ups, you can control them in a better way; move your food towards the grill’s cool area until the flames die down.
  2. Cut directly into your food to test its doneness: You don’t want those yummy fruit juices to escape from your delicious filets. Instead, look at the meat, touch it, or use an instant-read thermometer.
  3. Cover the grill when cooking directly over the coals: When fat drippings hit those hot coals, they turn into puffs of bad-smelling smoke. When the grill is covered, that smoke gives your food a bad flavour.
  4. Skimp on the charcoal: A good fire is crucial to good grilling.


Although outdoor eating is a lot of fun, it has its dangers. Always be sure that you are grilling properly to avoid burns, tummy upsets, or a worse situation. Before you start rummaging in the garage in search of your BBQ, check out the do’s and don’ts above. Additionally, you can contact a high-quality meat delivery store for buying fresh meats.