The Do’s and Don’ts of Making the Perfect Beef Stew

We can all think of fancy dishes for a house party or even a regular family dinner, but nothing can take the place of that good old delicious beef stew. Be it children or adults, we all love the warmth and comfort of beef stew. It is delicious, fulfilling, and makes a perfect meal for everyone. There are certain tips to follow to perfect the taste of the best beef stew. In this post, we will share all the rules to be followed while cooking the best version.

What You Need to Do to Cook a Perfect Beef Stew?

Meat is the crucial part of any stew. So make sure you buy your meat from a well-known provider of fresh, quality meat. Due to the pandemic, there might be a problem in finding quality meat, butyou can always look online for bulk meat delivery suppliers near you.

Browning the Meat

We cannot emphasize the fact that the browning of meat can make all the difference in taste. If not caramelised properly, the flavour will not come out just right, and your stew will end up being bland and ordinary.

Casserole or Heavy Bottom Pan

Stews are best made in a casserole or a deep heavy bottom pan. If you have not invested in one,it is high time to get it if you want to cook the best beef stew. Of course, it also requires the best ingredients. Make sure the pan is oven safe as somerecipes call for preparation in an oven.

Secret Ingredient

Tomato paste is key, and the secret is out. Use a little bit of tomato paste or tomato ketchup in your stew to bring out the rich flavour.

What You Should Not do While Cooking Beef Stew?

Below are things you should be careful not to do while cooking beef stew:

Avoid Too Much Seasoning

While flavours need to be there in any beef stew, it does not mean you put all the spices available into yours. Keep the seasoning to the minimum and let the flavour of the natural meat glow. You can use spices like a bay leaf and some pepper. You can also use a little bit of thyme, but let the vegetables and the meat do their magic.

Do Not Crowd the Pan

While frying the meat chunks, let your pan become very hot. Avoid overcrowding the pan as caramelisation will not happen properly and evenly. While cooking the meat, keep some space in between the pieces, and let the meat brown uniformly. Ask the provider of the meat delivery to cut it into a good bite-size portions.

Never use a Variety of Vegetables

Here isa clue: if you put too many vegetables in the stew, it won’t be beef stew. It becomesporridge. Beef stew should taste like beef and not a vegetable medley. Use a maximum of 3-4 vegetables and onion and carrots are a must. Basically, keep it to garlic, onion, carrots, and potatoes. You can also use parsnips if you like.