Welcome to Pattemores Meats

Amid several health benefits of meat, a large number of people have been consuming the product. It has emerged as an indispensable food item for several food lovers. If you crave for healthy meat and looking for a reliable online source from where you may procure it, you can trust Pattemores Meats. For bulk meat Brisbane, you can contact us without any hassle. We boast of a rich history and have been meeting the demand of meat lovers for several decades. When you consume meat, you do not only get stronger bones but can also expect effective iron absorption.

Given below are some vital points about Pattemores Meats that we want to tell our customers:

Pattemores Meats Has a Powerful and Affluent History

Pattemores Meats’ history will leave you in awe of it. John Robert Pattermore came into Australia in the year 1855. He ventured into the business of selling meat in the year 1870 to meet the demand for the food. Pattemore started doing the business with the strong belief that if you sell a good product, you will definitely win the confidence of customers and they will return to you. Pattermores Meats also takes care of butcher home delivery Brisbane.

Pattemores Meats Has Gained a Strong Recognition And Has Won Various Awards

When a particular product gets stronger recognition and awards, it boosts customers’ confidence. When it comes to Pattemores Meats, you will be glad to know that we have received several awards as a result of our powerful commitment. Our team received the State Sausage King title in the year 2003 and won National Crown yet again for our conventional pork sausage recipe. To fulfill the taste buds of customers, we offer 13 different types of sausages every week. Once again in the year 2006, we went on to win State and National Crown. Pattemores Meats scored yet another victory when we won the best gourmet sausage with its rosemary and garlic recipe. We have recently got another award in our kitty with the 2018 BEST ham in Australia Award. If you are looking for meat delivery Brisbane, you can contact Pattemores Meats.

We Pride Ourselves for the Optimum Utilization of Latest Technology to Cater to the Demand of Meat

We have left no stone unturned to utilize the latest technology in a bid to meet the growing demand for our products. Pattemores Meats has installed a computer system that caters to customers and offers vital details on mouth-watering dishes. We also provide information on how much of what meat will be needed for any selected recipe.

Our Continued Expansion

Pattemores Meats continued its expansion with an unabated force. From the year 1920 till late 1970, Pattemores Meats continued to expand its store to meet the growing demand for meat.

If you are keen to purchase top quality meet yet cheap meat Brisbane, you can contact Pattemores Meats. Additionally, you will also get to relish a special recipe that you never saw or heard before. You can also order online from the comfort of your home sans any hassle. The proud family of butchers has been serving scores of Australian families since 1870. So, satisfy your taste buds and improve your health by ordering meat from Pattemores Meats.