Who Should Use Pattemore’s Meat Butcher Delivery Near Me Service in Brisbane?

Fresh meat is big business. The domestic and export sales in 2018-2019 in Australia for red meat was over $28 billion. Plus, sustainable and gourmet meats are becomingincreasingly in-demand. Grass-fed meat sales have also grown by a whopping 2,000% in the US,Canada, Australia, and other countries, raking in billions for its suppliers. So, who are the significantclients of butcher delivery in Brisbane? Read on to learn what types of customers usually benefit from home-delivery butchers.

Customers Who Value Transparency, Sustainability,and Ethics

If you think that a butcher delivery in Brisbane won’t survive in today’s market because more people buy meat at the local market or grocery, think again. According to the FoodMarketing Institute’s recent “Power of Meat” 2019 survey, 19% of shoppers reportedpurchasing meat online at least once a year. This statistic was up from 4% in 2018.

Although supermarkets and groceries pride themselves on their meat departmentsand staff, new research shows that shoppers visit retailers less. Instead, they are using alternative channels like discounters and online meatdelivery services.

Many customers believe they get more information about the meat thatthey buy from online butchers. Usually, online meat dealers indicate the product name and describe how themeat was sourced, treated, and raised.

Today’s shoppers also value transparency, sustainability,and ethics. As a result, they prefer to buy from small farms or companies that promise better treatmentof animals, better pay for small farmers, and less waste.

Customers Who Want Numerous, Customizable Food Options

The variety of meatis another benefitbutcher delivery nearme services take seriously. By buying meats online, customers can find products like pork, beef, white meat, frozen meat, minced meat, and more. These optionsallow them to choose what they wantto make delicious meals. You may even find meats that you’d never find in alocal meat shop, like alligator or ostrich meat!

Another amazing thing about online meat delivery services is that they reduce themonopoly once held by the major supermarkets. Instead, online meat dealers compete to outdo each other by lowering prices, providing discounts, oroffering the best quality.

Customers Who Put a Premium on Convenience

Perhaps the best thing about patronizing a butcher delivery near me Brisbane service is that youdon’t need to run to the supermarket or grocery for meat.The only thing you need to do is open your computer orphone and find the best butcherdelivery near me. Then, place your order, and have it delivered to your home. Another surprising part about homedelivery butchers is that they’re open 24/7 for online orders!