Why Pattemore’s Meats Is the Best Butcher in Town

Pattemore’s Meats is not just a name of a brand.It is an assurance that you are getting high-quality meat. The history of Pattemore’s Meats goes back to the 1870s, and today they continue their legacy of excellent service and quality meat. But you may be wondering why you should choose Pattemore’s Meats. This article will give you some reasons why Pattemore’s Meats is the best butcher in town.

Quality at Pattemore’s Meats

Consider the meat section at your supermarket. You have prewrapped meat spread out in open coolers until somebody chooses it. That kind of meat can’t hold up in quality to the meat you can get from a butcher. When you buy from Pattemore’s Meats, the meat will be fresher and can be cut right in front of you. Plus, you know that the animals have been raised morally, and the meat doesn’t have harmful chemicals and anti-infection agents. You can be surethe meat you’re eating is high-quality.

If you are worried that the products from a butcher might be more expensive, consider that a butcher can guide you to the best cuts within your budget. Plus,you’ll know you are getting a better value for your money when you taste the superior quality.


Since supermarkets sell many kinds of food, they regularly limit the types and cuts of meat they stock. However, butchers can provide a widerselection of meat. If you want to try a new cut or new recipe, a butcher shop can get you exactly what you need. You can purchase your standard cuts of meat alongside more unusual products.


Would you like to try a new kind of meat, but you are not sure how to cook it?Are you uncertain of what the best cut of steak you should get for an upcoming BBQ? Regardless of what kind of home cook you are, Pattemore’s Meats can point you in the right direction if you have meat-related questions.

The proprietors and workers at butcher shops usually are meat specialists. They are experts concerning meat choice, cooking styles, and flavours. They can assist you with deciding how to improve your eating experience and how to eat better protein on a tight budget. They also understand where your meat came from and how it was raised.

Superb Customer Service

Purchasing food from your local butcher has other advantages, like forming a relationship with your butcher. Smaller butcher shops know the importance of keeping their customers coming back. Unlike large chain stores, they will work to provide you with excellent customer service. Regardless of whether you need a uniquely cut, cooking tips, or something for a special event, your butcher can meet your requests with a quality product.

Pattemore’s meats provide high-quality products and a friendly, knowledgeable staff that can offer delicious meats to you and your family.