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The cooking shows are back on the box and the recipes are flowing across social media and one man who has noticed it is Award Winning master Butcher, Daryl Pattemore.

He says he’s been inundated in the last few weeks by people coming in for ‘ingredients’ for the special recipe that’ they’ve seen or heard about.

He says when it comes to the meat component …it’s the butcher that’ll know best.

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Pattemores Meats – the best butcher in Brisbane

The meat you buy from Pattemores Meats is not only a piece of meat but an experience. When you bite into the juicy, tender pork loin or melt-off-the-bone ribs, it’s like tasting your way through years and decade’s worth of craftsmanship put together to create pure happiness.

The quality meats we sell in our butcher shop in Brisbane are brought in from some of the finest farmers around us. They have been perfecting their trade for generations to now offer them at low enough prices so anyone can enjoy these delectable dishes – just by stepping inside our Brisbane store.

We believe in nothing but high-quality and fresh products for all occasions: every happy reunion around the table, whether with friends or family, starts with the sizzling background of delicious meat on the BBQ; that is tradition. As a family, we love to honour such traditions in the way they deserve. That is why as the best butcher in the greater Brisbane area, Pattermore’s Meats, we strive to guarantee our customers the finest quality products on the market through a straight line: from the farm, through our butcher shop directly to your kitchen at home

Our polished products are what won us trophies, our renowned service, and subsequently won the heart of our customers. When you come to visit us at our butcher shop, meat is not the only thing you are getting. Throughout your shopping experience, you can tap into the knowledge of expert butchers and ask our staff members for advice to perfect your dishes: our service to you does not end at the counter!

We help you choose the best selection of meat fitted for your needs, and we want to ensure that you know how to cook it, so all your worries are left behind before turning on your BBQ and savour our products.

At Pattemore’s butcher in Brisbane, we understand how important buying fresh food is
– notonly because it tastes good, but you know where the animal came from impacts whether they lived happily before.

Our butcher shop is the place to go if you’re looking for a wide selection of meats and want assurance that they are fresh and come from animals that have been treated respectfully. Since 1979, we have been perfecting our trade for generations by giving our customers an experience they won’t forget when buying high-quality meat.

We are the proud owners of being known as the best butcher in the sunny city of Brisbane. Pattemore’s butcher in Brisbane is the best place to find high-quality meats. Our shop has been run by the Pattemore’s family for generations and we take pride in our craft and that of farmers who do it right.

Visit our butcher in Brisbane today if you want only the freshest and most delightful cuts!